Things You Can’t Ignore When Remodeling Your Home

All homeowners know that at some point, they will have to roll up their sleeves and break their bank accounts in the name of home improvement projects. Unfortunately, most homeowners often ignore the roof. Roofing makes up 40 % of a home’s visible exterior, so why not include it in your next home improvement project? To make the process easy and hassle free, consider the following tips:

Know your code

Consult your local municipal building department to find out how many times you may re-cover your existing roof with one or two more layers of similar materials. Some areas require just two layers of roofing materials. Others require additional layers to be completely torn off before more roofing materials can be installed. Simply find out more from your municipal building department.

Vent a little

Consider attic ventilation. It ensures that your roof has a long, functional life.  A minimum of 1 square ft of free vent space for every 150 square ft of attic floor is ideal.

Replace your gutters

Before deciding if you need a full gutter replacement or just a simple repair, take time to first examine your gutter system. Look out for signs of degeneration, loose fasteners and degeneration. Avoid walking on the roof as much as you can. You may cause further problems on the roof and the gutter frameworks.  Simply use a step latter to get the right view. Then like do not at any point fix anything without knowing what to do. To be certain whether or not you need gutter replacement, be on the lookout for the following signs:

•    Small holes on the gutter level
•    Blistering and curling on the edges
•    Unnecessary leakage every time it rains
•    Mitered corners
•    Rust
•    Detached gutter fasteners
•    Gutters slipping towards the downspout

You can ask your local roofer about gutters as well.

Color matters

It is all about home improvement, so paint and color have to crop in at some point. Make sure that everything blends well. Your wall colors should match your roof and of course, your fence and mosaic pavements. To get this right, consider hiring interior and exterior designers or landscaping experts.


Look for competent service providers

First understand what you are getting yourself into.  Then make sure that you have enough time to consult reliable gutter service professionals. This will allow you to plan well for the investment in terms of money. Do not be bothered so much about noting flaws in your gutter system. Your gutter service professional will still conduct their own inspection and come up with a solution based on any of the following:

•    Age of your gutter
•    Materials
•    Placement of the gutters
•    Weather on your area
•    Severity of the damage

If your property is located in Charlotte or surrounding area, you can contact Gutters Charlotte for advice and free estimate.


All these factors boil down to one constant aggregate: the brand of your gutter. Understand that, the best brands last for long. They withstand hard weather conditions and are every easy to maintain. This means that you may have to pay more while buying it but ultimately, you will save more because you will need gutter repair or replacement everyone in a blue moon. That said and done, always go for the best gutter brand in the market.