The 5 Popular Kinds of Roofs

Within the 5 significant sorts of roof (asphalt tiles, floor tile, steel, lumber, and slate) there are narrower groups of roof covering of various products, each of which has its defects and virtues. For many, choosing roofs to use are based primarily on both expense and sturdiness.

Asphalt Roof covering

Virtually 4 of every 5 house proprietors in the United States have chosen asphalt roof covering because they are fairly fire resistant, light-weight, and wind and waterproof.

Timber Roof covering

The most effective among the significant kinds of roof is lumber tiles or trembles which are machine-sawed from southerly desire, cedar or redwood and include a modern want to a roofing system.

Lumber roof shingles and trembles need manufacturing facilities to make them fireproof which can be banned from some nations if left not fixed.

Floor tile Roof

Ceramic tile roof covering could be produced from either clay-based or concrete and is also made in a large range of colours and specialized surfaces.

The one downside of floor tile roof is that it is substantially much heavier in comparison to others, and if you wish to ceramic tile roof covering, you should see if your house can manage the extra tons.

Slate Roof covering

Ceramic tile and slate are both very hefty, yet slate is an organic stone and offered in a variety of colours, and of all the kinds of roof covering, is the closest to being unbreakable.

Steel Roof

Steel roof sheets are offered in various designs, while steel roof covering tiles could be made to look practically tantamount from timber roof shingles and trembles.

In selecting your options, you need to think about the expense, quality, accessability, resilience, design and guarantee.

Lumber Shake

- most advanced
- often chosen by upper class team
- has an all-natural appearance
- comes in different colours, width and density
- setup is a lot more complex
- molding and deteriorating are the typical issues

Roofing shingles

- one of the most budget-friendly
- available in asphalt or fiberglass tiles
- simple to set up
- reduced upkeep
- could be conveniently blown off by solid winds
- extremely plain

Clay-based Floor tile

- tidy and contemporary appearance
- numerous shades, designs and kinds to fit your style demand
- long life-span
- fireproof
- reduced upkeep
- could not be damaged by bugs
- roof assistance is basically required
- extremely delicate
- very complex
- expensive


- organic and extremely innovative appearance
- excellent alarming defense feature
- heavy
- breakable
- re-painting and cleansing is very complexed
- Do It Yourself basis in not feasible

Concrete Floor tile

- long life expectancy
- needs reduced upkeep
- fire and pests resistant
- could copy the design and style of clay-based and lumber trembles
- costly compared to asphalt and composite roof shingles


- one of the most preferred roofing systems
- classy and fashionable
- numerous designs and colours
- 75 to life time service warranties
- HUNDRED % fire resistant and sturdy
- mirrors off warmth
- does not mold and mildew
- no upkeep whatsoever
- look like of lumber trembles or clay ceramic tiles
- energy-efficient
- rises the worth of your home
- excellent guard for typhoons
- setting pleasant
- prices two times the expense of standard roofing systems

Bear in mind that price alone is not a downright gauge for top quality. Not all of these products will fulfill your necessities.

For more information about roofs you can contact Better Roofing Company for a FREE estimate. You can also contact any other roofing contractor nearby – just make sure the contractor you are using is trustworthy, insured, bonded and of course licensed.